He died for your sins so that you can be saved!
REPENT of your sins and Believe.
Jesus will fill your heart with Peace, Love and Joy.
It is real. DONT' BE DECEIVED. We are in EVIL times.

You are not alone. Pray to Jesus and be still and listen.
Don't believe the LIES! Say 'That is a LIE' and move on.

Jesus did that when Satan talked to him and Satan had to flee from Jesus.

You can do all things throug Jesus Christ who strengthens you.

Don't get caught up in the LIES of the world.
Get both sides of the story ALWAYS.
Always question everything and make your own decision.
God gave you a brain to think -- USE IT!!

Sooooo many people are getting brainwashed and don't even know it.
Ask those people if they believe in Jesus Christ.
Keep the FAITH! Work hard and you will go far in life.

You ARE Awesome and You are LOVED!